Home Networking and WiFi


Todays home theaters require networking.  Networks that allow computers to talk to home theater equipment, home theater equipment to the internet for firmware updates, and file sharing between Bluray players and computers.  These networks can be difficult to figure out and understand for most home owners.  Let us simplify the process for you.  If you have computers, printers, scanners, Bluray players, and other networking equipment it is important to protect your information from outside intrusion.

It is important to understand what threats lay in front of you each time get on the internet and start browsing.  A wrong move could open a portal to allow others into your computer to steal valuable information and even banking information.  At Audio Video Interior we can set up the security settings on your equipment to minimize the potential threat.  We will also optimize your network for peak performance so that you can surf at top speeds.

Networking goes beyond security.  If you have purchased a printer within the last few years there is a good chance it has networking capabilities which means you can cut the cords.  The printer does not have to be on the desk right next to your computer.  Put that printer in another corner of the room or in another room completely, and print to that one printer from all the computers in the home.

Networking also allows us to share our pictures and music throughout the home.  Bluray players and Apple TV act like media servers that allow music that you have in the office on your computer to be sent down stairs in the home theater or backyard.  Wireless speaker systems rely on fast networks and allow you to send music throughout your house without running wires to each room.